The Book

When a man and woman commit to God and to each other in marriage, it is one of the most important decisions they will make in their lifetime. Amid all of the challenges that surround life and a marriage, being obedient and following God’s Word are two key ingredients to forming a lasting and healthy marital relationship.
This book is a guide designed to enrich the life of believers desiring to have a God-centered marriage and walk in their God-given destiny and purpose. Tamilene and Victor Black utilize scripture and marriages described in the Bible to enlighten both men and women on what it truly means to wait on God’s will and direction to find the spouse God has just for them.
They encourage the believer to trust God in their marriage, and demonstrate how God showers blessings on our lives when we are obedient to His Word. Included are valuable sources or options for finding a companion using biblical wisdom and communication skills, as well as spiritually-based wisdom on how to handle family finances, understand a companion’s romantic language, resolve conflicts, and much more.
Waiting on God for Marriage is a comprehensive guide to forming lasting healthy marital relationships by using biblical principles and God’s Word.